DSLR 101 Photography Workshop!!  $129
DSLR=Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

"I would recommend this class to anyone needing to understand how to take photos with their DSLR! The instructor (Bart Levy) is fantastic.....he would be a valuable addition to a college course as his delivery and persona is very enthusiastic and his delivery is very relaxed yet informative."
June 22, 2013

"I bought this for my son so that he could get used to his new camera and learn some more extensive skills than he already had...and he LOVED it. He felt he learned things that were life-changing in the way he approached taking pictures. He thought the instructor was excellent and was completely inspired in his photography."

Why Should you attend
this Workshop?

This is what people like you ask before the Workshop...
"I paid a lot of money for this camera but I always shoot on "AUTO" or
one of the "SCENE" modes. How do I use the rest of the controls?"

"Why do my pictures always come out too Dark or too Light and all washed out?"

"I LOVE it when the SUBJECT is in focus and the background isn't.  How do I make that happen consistantly?"

"My camera never FOCUSES on what I WANT IT TO FOCUS ON. How do I fix that??"

"What are all of these buttons on my camera for??"

Here's why you should  attend this workshop!
YOU are a Photographer.  Photographers are VISUAL people. Cameras are technical instruments that come with 250 page owners manuals.  VISUAL people don't like to read 250 page owners manuals.  They want to take pictures!

YOU WILL LEARN to take control of your camera and...

  • To get your camera off of the automatic setting and use manual, aperture priority and shutter speed priority
  • What ISO, Shutter Speeds, fstops and white balance are.
  • To get consistent exposures so your images are never too light or too dark.
  • To shoot in low light situations without having to use flash.
  • To be able to use selective focus techniques so that you can consistently have the foreground in focus and the background out of focus (or vice versa)
  • To shoot sports indoor and out, stop action and have all of your images well exposed and in focus.
  • What Raw and jpeg files are and which one you should be using.
  • Why sometimes your images have weird color cast.
  • The proper use of flash and how to eliminate red eye.
  • A bunch of easy tips and techniques to make your shooting more enjoyable and consistant.

This Workshop is three hours of fun fast paced VISUAL hands on learning.  You will learn all of the information above and much more. First we'll learn a concept, then we'll practice it! Countless students have taken this course an absolutely loved it.

Some Frequently asked Questions...

Q) Do I need to register for my class?
A) Yes, once you purchase your voucher, you need to register for the class that you have chosen.

Q) How do I know if this class is the right level for me?
A) If you DO NOT have a SOLID working knowledge of and regularly vary your shutter speeds, aperture (fstops), ISO and white balance for different effects and if can't get your camera to focus properly,  then this class is for you.

Q) Do I need a camera and if so, what kind.
A)Yes! This is a hands on workshop. This is not a class for point and shoot cameras.   It is mainly geared toward DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras)  Your camera must be capable of manual settings including shutter speeds, fstops, ISO and white balance.  If you are looking to purchase one before the class, or aren't sure about your camera, call us at 303-369-6990 and speak to Bart for recommendations.

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